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Inside Out:
The Gut and Allergy Paradigm
Three-part Podinar Series

Hosted by Dr. Rupert Hinds and Dr. Shannon Brothers

room Online
06 Oct

What is gut dysbiosis and is it the missing link?

Tune in, sit back, and relax while watching gastroenterology and allergy experts from across Australia and New Zealand having practical discussions on the gut microbiome and its implications for allergy management. Interact with leading experts in the field through live Q&A as they deep dive on hot topics and discuss patient case studies. 

What is a ‘podinar’?  

A podinar is an educational seminar that is facilitated through peer-to-peer learning and combines elements of both podcasts and webinars in a unique new format.

This episode will explore why a healthy gut microbiota with a balanced composition of bacteria may have health-promoting functions, as well as the cause and effect of an imbalanced microbiota, also known as gut dysbiosis, in early life.

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